Wild cats nature are home cats who come back to live in the natural environment. They could be deserted or abandoned cats; Or are cats of a cat-like house but born, fully raised in a “wild” environment that is not captive.

Wild cats can harm the ecosystem of nature due to the predator of indigenous species; Disease transmission, and huge harm to food production companies, cattle foods,…

Therefore, it is necessary to chase wild cats efficiently, kill them so that they do not affect humans.

What smells of cats?

First, to scare off effective cats, you need to grasp their weaknesses as “what fear cats” or “cat fear smell”, the probability of chasing cats successfully 90%.

Wild cats are often afraid of scents such as: lemongrass, basil, orange, tangerine, lavender,… When cats hear these smells they will immediately keep away.

How to chase wild cats effectively

Now, there are many ways to chase wild cats effectively. In it, the ways below are a lot of people who apply the most common nowadays as:

Remove food sources for wild cats

Wild cats often look to kitchen areas in search of food. So that they do not appear around the area you need to handle excess food in the kitchen, cover the lid tightly or put it in the refrigerator for storage.

Use sound scare Cat

According to scientific research, the nervous system of cats is very sensitive to loud-intensity sounds. Therefore, it is advisable to take advantage of this use of sound to scare away cats is also an effective and safe way.

Use a cat spray

Cat spray bottles from the above-just scents like lavender, lemongrass, orange smell, tangerine,.. To scare off Cats is also an effective way.

Automatic Sprinklers Installation

Because wild cats are afraid of water, using sprinklers automatically at the location of wild cats or to your home will cause them to be surprised and panicked. Will immediately flee and dare not come to your home again.

Find the Pest control service

Choosing pest Control Service units, especially feral cats, will ensure greater safety and efficiency. 

Therefore, use to the service is one of the most effective and safest ways to chase wild cats that you should choose. Which unit should I find? 

Pest Control Service in Europe

Units we use combine from a variety of manual methods to machinery and chemicals. But mainly the manual method.

If using animal processing chemicals, we are committed to ensuring the safety of the owners ‘ health and livestock animals around such as cats, dogs,,..

A method that we most often use is:

Method of controlling wild cat animals

Step 1: Survey: Location, density, destructive level of cats,… To determine the source of the arising and to build the most effective and appropriate control scheme.

Step 2: Preparation: Building control schemes; On the scheme has fully represented the volume, area, location and method of processing. According to the list of all equipment, chemicals are needed to serve the processing.

Step 3: Make

  • Use types of traps: noose trap, iron cage,
  • Toxic drugs: Use cat residue.
  • Use of drawer, slit, open mesh
  • Sanitation, cutting food, water…

Step 4: Check – Evaluate the results: check and evaluate the results after implementation. If there is a problem, there must be an additional plan immediately.

These are all the most effective ways of chasing wild cats that we have just introduced to you through this article content.

Hopefully it’s the most practical, most useful information to assist you in the process of banishment of wild cats inside your home.

Any questions, please call us at: 0969 031 313. All problems are quickly and enthusiate.