Europe Trading Services Co., Ltd (EPC – Euro pest control) is an enterprise operating in the field of fumigation, control and extermination of insects in residential areas, restaurants, hotels, buildings or companies. , warehouse…
Established since 2003 with a small number of personnel. Equipment and supplies are still rudimentary. But thanks to the efforts and consensus, after many years of striving, the EUROPESTCONTROL FUMIGATION CO., LTD gradually became a multi-industry company. Europe is gradually transforming to develop superior both in size and quality. Experiencing difficulties and challenges, we understand that the stability of the human element is the most important. At the same time, the process of investing in equipment and techniques is the foundation for the long-term success of the business.

Currently, we focus investment, focusing on the following key areas:

With over 15 years of experience and a team of professional staff, professionally trained by reputable and reputable domestic and foreign organizations such as: AQIS (Australian Quarantine Department), Plant Protection Department (Ministry) Agriculture), Ministry of Health,…. European fumigation company is committed to providing customers with professional services and quality products. Besides, EUROPESTCONTROL FUMIGATION CO., LTD is trying to gradually build Europe to become one of the strongest brands in fumigation and pest control …


EUROPESTCONTROL FUMIGATION CO., LTD was established in 2003 by co-founder Tran Duc Thanh and engineer Tran Quoc Hung. The idea of ​​starting a company started with the people when they were students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry. Ho Chi Minh wishes to help the living environment of the people be healthier and better. Contributing to repelling and limiting the outbreak of dangerous epidemics such as: malaria, dengue fever, cholera epidemic …. Formerly, European Termite – Fumigation Company is located at 311 No Trang Long, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, Tp. Ho Chi Minh. Experiencing difficulties with few sporadic personnel, poor equipment compared to competitors but still have to ensure satisfaction and quality of service to customers. Gradually, Europe developed and expanded its scale with many industries, a number of key sectors affirming the brand and position of the company such as: EPC Fumigation, eradication and control services. Pest, Chemicals, Machinery and equipment. Not only that, we understand the quality that makes all should focus on investing in modern equipment and machinery. At the same time, training courses to improve skills of technical staff have been conducted for more than 15 years in the field of pest control for agro-forestry-seafood storage warehouses, food processing plants, animal feed, aquatic products; hotel restaurants, residential clusters and constructions … Especially specializing in exterminating insect pests such as termite, termite, rat, cockroach, ant, mosquito … extermination service Most of the EPC represent the interests of its customers and have commitments in the pest and pest control industry to protect public health, food and property.


Certified as a qualified professional organization (RTO) in Vietnam. Thus, through certification on the EPC is allowed to provide professional fumigation solutions similar to other large enterprises.

    • Skilled technical staff in special fields in industry, food processing or pharmaceuticals. Not only that, Europe also actively participates in domestic and foreign training courses on how and methods of implementation, absorbing foreign innovations and applying them to domestic experiments. Every year, the courses to improve the skills of employees are listed on the nomination list to participate, invest in a technical team that is knowledgeable in theoretical and empirical knowledge in the extermination of harmful insects ….
    • Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when EPC gradually becomes a prestigious company in the field of insecticides for restaurants, hotels, businesses …
    • Receiving the trust of big customers: Tan Long, De Heus, Nestle, Highlands, Phuong Vy …


1. Mission

European company works with the mission, guideline and guideline as well as practice guideline to create a “Good environment – Good life”. We look forward to our activities and contributions in the extermination and control of pests that will create a healthy living environment for people. Therefore, Europe is constantly trying, researching, exploring technology solutions, combining professional service processes, experienced staff to bring sustainable satisfaction and confidence to customer. In the coming years, Europe will try to bring customers true quality from a strong insecticidal service company throughout the country.

 2. Vision

Becoming one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam and the region on insect control and extermination services. With the criteria towards sustainable development, Europe is constantly promoting equipment investment, technical research and improving service quality, bringing customers the most unique after-sales services. However, more important is the human factor, each employee is the root of success. Therefore, in addition to the strong affirmation of the scale, the development of our business will surely bring a quality working environment for the company’s employees.