Flies appear more and more right in your home. You don’t know how they disappear. Introducing you to the professional-looking mole removal service, prestige in the present CITY.

Causes of house with multiple flies

No coincidence this fly-insect flies appear much and often around your life. There are many many causes of flies, which appear more and more:

    • Daily living garbage inside the house is not cleaned, so long stink stink causes the flies concentrate to appear to find food.
    • The food, drinks in the kitchen area are not preserved, cover again, store carefully, accidentally pulled the flies to find bait.
    • Damp areas, such as sink, dining table… The cause of more flies came from.
    • In addition, in the areas containing poultry, cattle are used by the people as fertilizer to the plant is not treated also the cause of flies that appear more and more.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a way and effective fly removal method to root. That is:

Effective fly removal methods now

With the advancement of science, people are increasingly creative stone making many ways to kill flies from craft to making flies traps, to use the chemical removal of flies….


Manual Fly Removal method that many people often do is:

    • Clean Daily house Cleaning is a way to eliminate living conditions, the place of reproduction, food leftots to the floor, on the dining table,..
    • Using a nylon bag with water hanging on the ceiling is applied quite a lot in each family is also the way to chase the flies efficiently.
    • Using some natural ingredients to chase the flies:
      • Use natural oils to spray on clothing or diffuse lights to spread the scent throughout the room to chase the flies.
      • Use black pepper mixed with sugar and egg yolks into a small plate. Place a lot of flies to chase them.
      • Use dried mint leaves to clear the thin cloth hanging around the house. A pleasant escape scent also keeps the flies away from dare to appear.


Use of the mole chemicals today is also chosen by many families as it delivers high efficiency. You can find some of the mole removal pills below:

    • ULTRA FLY green fly mole removal pills: 65,000 đ
    • Quick Bayt flies removal: 35,000 đ
    • Korean Fly adhesive-Mole removal: 20,000 đ
    • Specialty flies Kixam 2.7 WP package Type 20 Gr: 75,000 đ
    • Vipesco removal pills: 25,000 đ
    • Rado Fly Green Mole pills: 70,000 đ
    • Zyrox Fly Killer: 1.3 million đ
    • Agita removal pill: 1,450,000 đ

Fly Trap

Adding a fly removal is also equally effective, but it is very simple to produce a number of instruments for flies traps.

-Way 1: Use a used plastic bottle cover, cut in 2 parts: The bottom and the bottle mouth (the mouth is equal to 2/3 than the bottle body). Flip over the mouth to the bottle and use the glue again to shape. Then you put the bait in the bottle to attract flies to fly in.

-Way 2: You put the bait bait inside the cup, then use the coated film to seal the mouth. Use a sharp knife to puncture your fingertip. Place the bowl where the flies and flies will get trapped.

Use decoy to try the flies that fall into the trap you should choose the most effective bait such as vinegar and dishwashing water, ripe fruit, cider vinegar, sugar, milk pepper…

Automatic Fly catching machine

On the market today there are many types of electrical appliances to catch flies automatically. Just give the bait to the machine, turn on the switch, the machine will spin and fly trap.

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