Risks of termites and termites to construction duties

For the general architecture, the harmful effects of termites on the works are very important issues of investors and construction. The target of termite infiltration is wood, and products derived from Cellulose (Wood, Paper, Carpets …) these materials are abundant in construction works, so entering the building is indispensable. When a building is infested with termites, not only the wood materials, documents in the works are destroyed, but even the architecture of the building is degraded by nesting and finding food for termites.

Dịch vụ chống mối

Starting from termites, they begin to destroy buildings, interior decoration and wood products or items derived from Cellulose. The detailed items when being infiltrated by termite appear to be intact but inside were terminated, they are no longer usable and must be replaced to cause economic damage to the work owners.

The harmful effects of termites not only on wood materials but also the machinery and equipment cannot avoid the termite destruction. To find termites wriggling through small gaps and paving the dirt road to go, because the dirt road of the termite is often wet at the beginning of the construction, the electrical equipment often collapses causing fire.

Termite treatment process

Step 1: Surveying

Before conducting the work of termite prevention, it is necessary to conduct a survey to assess the situation of location, density, damage level, materials, path of termite, … to determine the cause and develop a plan. Effective control and the most suitable.

Based on the data collected from the survey to plan and quote for customers.

Khảo sát

Step 2: Prepare

After the control plan has been developed, the data on the volume, area, location and treatment method is fully presented. Based on that, make a list of all equipment, chemicals needed for processing.

Chuẩn bị thiết bị và hóa chất

Step 3: Treatment processing

    • Handling the right method, the right medicine and the right concentration.
    • Spraying chemicals: killing and preventing long term. The mechanism of action is to destroy directly or spread.
    • Microbiology: using microorganisms to destroy the termite colony, the mechanism of propagating effect to the herd
    • Use toxic fumigant gas.
    • Changing environmental conditions: temperature, humidity.

 Step 4: Check and evaluate the results

After finishing the treatment, it is required to have the inspection and evaluation of results. If an incident arises, there must be immediately an corrective action plan. 



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