Silo container is the place where the raw material to be preserved, is composed of a cylindrical tube, is about 30-35m tall, the bottom is a pyramidal, with a discreet lid so that it can be stored in a sealed state or kept refrigerated when necessary. Materials made usually are concrete, metal or glazed metal. Each repository can have multiple silos – bin container.

As storage and preservation of goods, the sterilization of the Silos-Bin contains extremely important. So how can we preserve the amount of goods, raw materials in the tank avoid damage caused by insect pests.


Step 1: Surveying AND Surveying

    • Survey area around Silo: Residential, Ventilation door (main, sub), Island Air blower system available of Silo, tightness of silo (Silo by iron and steel or cement)
    • Commodity Survey: Goods, volume, volume, temperature as well as humidity of goods and air.
    • Surveying the pest: determining the main pests (termites,…), subspecies and sexual stages.
    • Measurements: The size of the Silo or the factory provides the amount of tons of cargo to redeem the dosage of drugs used


    • Manpower: Preparing the necessary number of technicians.
    • Equipment supplies: Rulers, helmets, protective gloves, protective masks, toxic respirators, protective goggles, toxic gas detection pumps, marine gender, ladder, flashlight, kraft paper, lake Paste, medical instrument,…
    • Operation: Sealing the suction fan system of Silo, ventilation door and openings. For those silos that have an island system, we need to connect our island system to the Air Island system of Silo. At the same time, you need to set the pipeline from the top of the Silo. For those silos that do not have an island system available, the process we still do, but now needs the support of the factory to create a pipeline and mount the air island to the bottom of the Silo.
    • Pressure Tester: The pressure test is aimed at checking the tightness of the Silo with the specialized personnel and tools for measuring the pressure.


    • The captain will notify the Silo Manager: Ask people out of the area to sterilize.
    • Carrying equipment supplies into the Silo (need to check the quantity and type)
    • Check out the Silo general.
    • Set, paste the seas of the world.
    • Be sure to have the necessary tools and equipment in full.
    • The captain proceeds to gather and inspect all workers, receive a report of the preparation situation, check back last time, then will proceed to order the drug.
    • Put the drug.
    • The disposition of the drug.
    • Note: When conducting the drug must carry full protective masks, protective gloves and protective shoes. The tablets are absolutely not to overlap and should not be placed on the drug, a maximum of 200grams/m2. Do not smoke or eat snacks while ordering the drug.

Step 4: Ventilation AND TESTING

For the sterilization of Silo, after sufficient time the drug will proceed ventilation according to the following steps:

    • First open the Silo sealing door, then open all the Silo doors to be ventilated.
    • Open all of the pasted Kraft paper, as well as the sealed items to return the status as originally to the Silo.
    • The cleaning will be cleaned, not to splash and spray to antiseptic around the Silo.
    • Collection of Silo: discharge of goods that have been sterilized for sampling (also depending on the sampling of different plant revenues).
    • Establishment of a collection test (by Company form)

Points of note with pasteurization Silo – Bin contains

  • Special requirements on employees: employees must have a high safety practice certificate and High safety protective equipment.
  • Surveying the area around the Silo: ventilation Doors (Main, sub), Island Air blower system available of Silo, tightness of Silo (Silo by iron and steel or cement)
  • Fully sealed seal system, suction fan of Silo, the ventilation door, the lid, slit.
  • For the Silo with a system of gas, we just need to connect my island system with the island system of the Silo and set the pipeline to the wind from the top of the Silo to the bottom.
  • For silos that do not have an island system, the process is as well as the above but it is necessary to add the support of the plant to create a pipeline and mount the air island to the bottom of the Silo.

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