What is a repository?

The warehouse is a type of logistics facility, used for the storage, storage and preservation of goods or materials of the enterprise for the purpose of supplying the goods or materials to the customer as well as for construction activities , production is becoming as fast and cost-saving as possible.

Steam Process-warehouse sterilization


    • Sterilization locations: floors, shipments to prevention or handling termites,…
    • Commodities: Product survey, temperature, packaging, shipment altitude…
    • Pest: Insect type (termite type, sterile type, density of populations…)
    • The owner’s request for insect handling
    • Sampling representation of shipment before sterilization
    • Set up a survey of the fumigation of warehouse.


    • Preparation of supplies and equipment implementation:
    • Disinfectant
    • Sanitary Sprays
    • Dedicated sterilized tarpaulin
    • Molasses Powder, adhesive tape
    • Paper or a tray
    • Rubber gloves, Decorative
    • Poison Mask
    • Ventilation fans after disinfection
    • First Aid Medical Kits
    • Marine boundary and guidelines, prescribed during disinfection
    • Manpower needed to disinfect warehouses
    • Form forms for implementation steps
    • Make a list of disinfecting participants, to distribute specific work for each member
    • Scheduling of each stage: sealing time, medicine, sealing, discharge time
    • Calculation of the volume of fumigation of the warehouse to be used.

Step 3: Perform DISINFECTION

    • For the desalination of the canopy: Move over the top of the shipment and proceed to pull the canvas around the side to cover the shipment. Get the sand snake to insert the feet.
    • If the floor of the warehouse or location requiring fumigation is not guaranteed, it is necessary to cover down the shelves to avoid the loss of the drug.
    • Check the sealing of the canvas, if torn, must be sealed with tape or Kraft paper and adhesive Lake.


    • Spray the toilet around the sterilized shipment or around the depot area to avoid the return infection of the insect from the outside after the sterilization formula
    • Due to some insect insects flying or moving outside the disinfection space during the sterilization process

Empty warehouse sterilization process, drum factory

Sealing the sanitizing space

Use kraft paper and Lake Dánm to seal the guys, slots, ventilation doors. Seal the doors but need to leave a door to get to the drug.

  • If the warehouse floor is not guaranteed, it must be sealed with cement, sand lime or can use Kraft paper and adhesive Lake.
  • To carry out disinfecting drugs with specialized antiseptic drugs that are certified safe….
  • Closure of the warehouse, sealing, sea warning
  • In factories, warehouses around 5-7 days. Then collect the residue of the drug. Glue paper, store door then ventilation and use

Points to note when conducting warehouse disinfection

  1. Sterilization locations: floors, surrounding areas
    • Storages or walls may be cracked, perforation or broken
    • The warehouse should be sterilized, not isolated from the environment or in the cargo of the same type of goods that are not pasteurized.
  2. Commodities: order type, arrangement, packaging method
    • Types of goods such as agricultural products, wood, flour products
    • Pallet stacking
    • Packing, packing, packing….
  3. For warehouse disinfection: using paper and lake sealing sealed slots, interstitial, ventilation doors. As mentioned above, pasting the doors should leave a door to put in the drug. If the warehouse floor is not guaranteed to be sealed with cement, sand lime or paper and adhesive lake.
  4. Sanitary Spray: Spray sanitation around the sterilization shipments simultaneously sanitary around the depot area to avoid the case of return of infection of the insects penetrating from the outside after the end of disinfection (due to some insects can insect Fly or move outside the disinfecting area during disinfection process).

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