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Why is it necessary to fight for construction works

In construction works such as houses, warehouses, corporate offices,.. are used materials such as wood, steel,,.. It is common to focus on this place for nesting. As the formation will sabotage the furniture in the house, the work of the works greatly affects the fall, the collapse affects the safety of people. Even, causing damage to the property and money.

Therefore, before the construction of any work one has to perform the prevention of front-building termites as it helps to protect, prevent penetration into the works during long-term use.

Because at this, the entire foundation of the work has been isolated from a surrounding environment by a barrier that is preventing the treatment of anti-termite drugs. 

So this is considered the most effective and safe way of destroying the work.

Prevention process for construction before building

The steps below will form a closed fence that prevents the species from external intruders, from the underground to the top or nesting in the construction, protecting the entire construction without any harm. :

 Step 1: Survey

    • Before doing termite prevention work must survey to assess the situation of: location, density, degree of damage, material, path of the,… To identify the cause and construct the most effective and appropriate control scheme.
    • Based on the data gathered from the survey to the plan and quotation to the customer.

Step 2: Prepare

After building the control scheme, on the method has fully represented the volume, area, location and method of processing. According to the list of all equipment, chemicals are needed to serve the processing.

Step 3. Conduct processing

    • Proper handling of the method, correct medication and proper concentration allowed.
    • Spray impregnated chemicals: Permanent destruction and prevention. The mechanism of action to destroy directly or spread.
    • Microbiology: Using microorganisms to destroy both termites, the mechanism of action propagate to the herd.
    • Use a sterilized poison gas.
    • Changing environmental conditions: temperature, humidity.

 Step 4: Examine and evaluate the results

These steps will form a closed barrier that prevents the species from external intrusion, from the underground to the top or nesting in the works, protecting the entire construction without harm:

Land treatment: Prevent intrusion into the construction from the ground.

-In the process of leveling, detecting a termite must use antisepants to remove and to remove the residual plant remnants such as tree stump, the formwork is reclip during construction…

-The case must be closed by cover, if the groundwater level is high, then it does not have to handle. If in dry soil, bamboo piles need to be soaked in a defense solution before closing to the ground.

-The case of deep grip between the two cylindrical concrete is not drawn, it also has to spray the anti-fighting room.

-Along the vascular room also have to treat the drug for termites.

Handling of wall and ground contact structures: preventing external intrusion or the use of footing on the walls of the wall entering the construction.

Handle nails: Prevent the advantage of going under the foot of the nail entering the works.

Background processing: Once processing is required, the results are inspected and reviewed. If problems arise, you must immediately have additional schemes.

Methods of prevention of pre-construction works

Methods of prevention of pre-construction works can be named the following methods:

Way 1: Removal of termite

In the process of leveling the soil, if the termite continues to dig to the nest and irrigate the removal solution (type Lenfos 50EC or Agenda 25EC) about 20 – 30 liters.

Way 2: Create the clue fence

Create a hedge fence by digging around the base of the nails outside the works and spraying the Lenfos 50EC (1.2%) By the rate 18 liters/m3 of land.

Practice prevention in this way to prevent clues from the vicinity, and the underground enters the construction.

Way 3: Groundroom

  • Before pouring concrete mortar on the background, spraying a Lenfos 50EC (1.2%), the norm 5 liters/m2. Spraying wall, electric socket
  • Wall-footed, piles are sprayed with Lenfos 50EC removal (1.2%), rated 2 liters/m2
  • Water supply pipes, drainage, road segments with passing power cables, basement or other slots,.. Additional drug prevention drugs according to the prescribed amount.
  • The parts that are connected from bamboo wood such as door frames, door slots,.. Must be handled through anti-termite drugs.
  • In the process of fighting prevention need to ensure the principle: typing is processed new finished products, if additional cutting, the addition of anti-termites must be added. After the process is finished, it is new or painted.

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