The method of chasing birds you can apply right at home

Mèo hoang sợ mùi gì?

Meta Description: The method of preventing birds from flying into effective homes you can apply right at home in a number of simple, easy-to-implement ways. Refer directly here.

“Birds” are beautiful animals but they are disturbed and destructive, affecting human life. To chase the birds flying into the house. Tell you some simple methods you can apply right at home.

What birds harm your home?

Among the birds in Vietnam, there are two birds that have appeared most in urban and rural areas, such as Sparrow and pigeons. These are the two most common pests, most difficult to chase because:

  • The dove is not afraid of people and has high ability to adapt in modern urban environments. Pigeon reproduction year round, enjoys finding the ideal nesting place.
  • The sparrow is a troubling bird for food processing plants. 
  • Damaging birds often have the ability to find their way back to the congenital nest, making them feel attached to somewhere.

Therefore, to chase the dove or the sparrow effectively, you take the methods of preventing birds from flying into the house below.

6 methods of chasing birds into effective homes can be used immediately

Way 1: Set the animal-shaped dummy

You buy some plastic animal sods such as snakes, Cat owl, Wolf,… Put in position bird usually fly parked at your home.

Way 2: Audio bird chase equipment

The bird-chasing device broadcasts 4 types of sounds according to the intelligent Play program such as the dog barking, gunfire, explosive gunfire, Buzzard,… Make the birds afraid to fly to the House area you docked.

Way 3: Using the Wind wheel

It is a natural wind-rotation, on three propellers, fitted with reflective mirrors, making the birds panicked by rotating and reflecting their image on the mirror.

Way 4: Use Pets as Dogs

Dog breeds such as shepherd Dogs, Border Colline dogs are good at chasing birds. You can hire a trained dog to patrol the wrecking Bird area around your home.

Way 5: Using Birds of prey

The use of predators may be falcon, as the bird is trained in the manner of hunting birds taught by humans. In this way, you can take a fee to chase the birds out of your home.

Method 6: Remove food sources

The method of preventing birds from flying into the house is best to eliminate the potential food source for birds. However, this is not necessarily a viable solution for urban and populated areas.

You can try some other methods to chase the birds flying into the house by:

  • Remove birds ‘ infiltration lines: Put the barrier on the window ledges, or can be an effective bird barrier
  • The trash lids are always sealed, not open, the birds with pointed bills will slaughter garbage bags.

Bird-to-home control and prevention services

Effective bird-to-home control and prevention services are Europe CO., LTD., also known as Euro Pest Control. 

A unit with many years of experience in pest control services – harmful animals, with a team of professional staff trained by reputable organizations at domestic and abroad such as AQIS (Australian Quarantine Bureau), Ministry of Health ,..

Our unit is rated as a professional bird control service, effectively repel birds of harm, avoid damage to property and reduce health risks due to the appearance of birds. 

Choosing our unit, committed to bringing you the best quality, professional service in the location today.

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