On the principle: I give mice conditional reflex conditions then kill with traps or chemicals.

Rats are mammals (high-level animals), the great brain develops, conditional reflex properties, so the mouse is very “wise”, the mice should be destroyed in accordance with strict technical procedures. Put decoy to take out multiple feeding habits then use chemicals to mix into their food, combined with traps to kill rats.

To kill the mouse to achieve the highest efficiency, it is necessary to combine alternately 2 methods: traps and chemicals.

Usually, perform the mouse removal with the following steps:

  • Outer area: Use of biological bait boxes placed around the outer campus forming fences, aimed at extensive destruction, wrinkled mice from the outside into the inner areas.
  • Inner area (Protected area): Mouse removal by a rotating combination of two methods:
         -Manual method: using braces and sticky traps – a rotating trap.
         -Method of using chemicals: Use decoy with chemicals that impregnate the food of rats. Set for mice with conditional reflexes then impregnate the mass destruction chemicals.