Killing mosquitoes is one of the necessary measures to protect people’s health. Especially in the wet rainy season, mosquitoes proliferate very quickly.

Mosquitoes are dangerous insects and their strong growth brings many hazards to humans. They can burn and transmit pathogens that are dangerous to humans such as: Zika, hemorrhagic fever, and so on. Therefore, the prevention of mosquito, mosquito killer, spray mosquito killer plays an important role. Do it to keep you and your family safe. Use a professional mosquito killer service if it is beyond your control.

Method of spraying Mosquito killer

Spray conservation method inside the house

People will use pressure aerosol to kill mosquito-based mixture the drug Icon 2, 5CS has a concentration of 2% and Permethrin 50EC has a concentration of 1% for on the wall, near the bed, near tables and chairs, walls, curtains, plant sinks, sewer ,…. This mosquito killer has a destructive effect except that they are long after spraying.

The method of spraying space inside the house

One will use the ULV spray spray insecticide Permethrin 50EC with a concentration of 1.5% in the form of fog in your home space and will take the drug upward on high ceilings (where the pressure aerosol does not spray the drug to be).

The method of spraying is stored outside the house

People will use spray pressure spray mosquitoes Vectron 10EC have a concentration of 1% on for the entire wall surface outside the house, sewers, garbage area, bushes, lawns and areas with night lighting ,… To eradicate mosquitoes and stop them from entering the inside of the house.

The method of spraying space outside the house

People will use a thermal blind spray to spray a drug mixture of 50EC Permethrin with a concentration of 1% and Diesel in the form of smoke into the drains, groves, jars… To destroy and destroy shelter, reproduction of mosquitoes.

Uses of the mosquito spray

Specialized mosquito killer with the use of eradication of mosquitoes and other harmful insects such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, fascists, fascists…. These drugs are inspected by the Ministry of Health and allow use to destroy mosquitoes to combat dengue fever and disease spread from mosquito-induced species.

In addition, mosquito repellent, insects are also used by impregnation to the mosquito, clothing, spray that is stored in the shelter of mosquitoes, aimed at the radical destruction of mosquitoes, insects in direct contact with the surface of the drug is sprayed or impregnated.

However, it is not possible for anyone to spray mosquito killer. We should ask for the support of professional and reputable units. This will ensure the safety and development of the maximum use of mosquito repellent at home. Currently on the market there are many companies that offer this service. 

Euro Pest Control

With many years of experience in the industry, Euro Pest Control is one of the units that receives a lot of trust and appreciated by customers. The professional mosquito removal service here will surely bring satisfaction to everyone.

Implementation procedure

Staff advising on the prevention of mosquito nets after spraying

Employees of the company introduce the label used to spray

Staff Safety Guide

Staff of mosquito sprays at home

Before starting the spray we need to cover the canvas carefully for items such as aquariums, areas for drinking water, food container area, bowl of chopsticks…

Carry out mosquito spray at home according to the methods outlined above

Safety instructions after spraying mosquito

All humans, pets must be out 1h – 2h after spraying the drug to destroy mosquitoes.

For pregnant women, children, people suffering from asthma, cardiovascular should have a safe isolation time of 12h – 15h.

After 3 sprays of medicine, the drug has warmed so we open the door, turn on the fan to blow away the pill in the air out of the house space.

Rinse dishes, spoon chopsticks, cups, pot…. Sweep and wipe the floor clean.

Warranty Service for Mosquito Killer

Usually the Mosquito Killer service is guaranteed for 03 months from the date of conducting the injection. In some specific cases (for example, the area of the spray is cleaned regularly), the spray warranty period may be shorter.

During the warranty period, if you notice mosquitoes or insects that have contact with the drug without being destroyed, contact Euro Pest Control. The mosquito Spray Service company will conduct a check for causes and timely remediers.

Why do you choose us?

– The technical staff of Euro Pest Control has a seasoned experience in the field of destroying mosquitoes and harmful insects. 

– Euro Pest Control always actively participating in local and foreign training courses to hone on how, how to implement, gain advanced from abroad, which applies to the actual process of bringing the best benefits to the user.

– Euro Pest Control invested in knowledgeable technical team to know the knowledge in the problem of killing insect pests….

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– Euro Pest Control quotes transparency, clarity before spraying and have competitive rates in the market…

Do not let mosquitoes destroy living space and bring the unpredictable harm to your family’s health. Destroying mosquito is a safe method that brings a good living environment. Let’s take the Euro Pest Control action today.