What is the best disinfection sauna drug in Vietnam?

Thuốc xông hơi khử trùng Quick-Phos-56

Antiseptic fumigants are used to remove insects and pests that cause harmful ingredients, agricultural products,…. is very popular nowadays. Let’s take a look at two best disinfectants in Vietnam through the article below.


  • The chemical formula of Phosphin is: AlP (Aluminimum Phosphide)
  • Phosphin is also known by other names such as Phostoxin, Quickphos, Cel Phos, Phosphamine, Phosphine
  • Phosphine (PH3) is born from the chemical reaction of Aluminimum Phosphide (AlP) with water vapor under air condition.

AlP + 3H20-> PH3 + Al (OH) 3

According to the chemical equation, PH3 is Phosphine-a substance that effectively destroys insects

The substance Al (OH) 3 as you see in the equation is the aluminium hydroxide powder that is gray-White is born during the liberation process PH3. This is a drug residue, it is not toxic and is usually recovered and contained in the paper bag or cloth and then removed after the end of the sterilization sauna process.

Quick Phos 56

Disinfectant QuickPhos 56% is imported directly from India. Medicines that have a tablet form of a very convenient to prevent termite destruction and disinfection of sauna preservation of agricultural products are very effective and most popular today.

Quick-Phos-56 pasteurization Steam Pill

The active ingredient of QuickPhos 56%.

  • Aluminium Phosphide 56%
  • Additive 44%

Some notes for use of QuickPhos 56%:

  • Grains to store we can use 2-5 tablets/ton
  • Food for processing or animal feed can be used from 1-tablet/m3
  • The packaged cereal can be used from 1 tablet per m3
  • The sauna period is about 7-10 days, (after the boss sealed the shipment, we have to take 3-4 days so that they will spread the shipment and have to annealing more 4-5 days)


We must make sure the warehouse is sealed or the goods in stock must be covered by the canvas. This drug may cause asphyxiation for humans, so it should be noted when used to strictly adhere to the instructions on the drug box. While the sterilized sauna is not in the warehouse or open the canopy.


The QuickPhos 56% Steam time required depends on the product type, temperature and humidity:

  • 12-15 degrees Celsius (54-59 degrees Fahrenheit): 5-day time
  • 16-20 degrees Celsius (60-69 degrees Fahrenheit): 4-Day sauna Time
  • Higher than 20 degrees Celsius (> 68 degrees Fahrenheit) less than 3 days of sauna

Not to be sterilized by QuickPhos 56% when the product temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit). Often, it will be more effective for the product to be brewed under the drug. In addition, we also need to adhere to the local regulatory conditions.

Note: As recommended by the manufacturer of the drug, exposure time of the highest efficiency is from 7 to 10 days. This is considered to be a sufficient amount of time to eradicate the types of worms in different stages of development including the most difficult period to eliminate the infancy.

The minimum incubation period of the drug QuickPhos 56% is introduced at 72 hours, as the drug requires a sufficient amount of time to diffuse and penetrate into the goods that destroy adult insects.

* Withdrawal of the drug:

The drug after the end of the sanitizing steam process must be recovered and buried to the ground. In particular with the AlP in the medicine remaining 2% undecomposition, we need to handle it before canceling. The drug will be given slowly to the container of water with dilute soap, then stir up to completely decomposition the drug. Note that the task of treating the drug is to be worn by the anti-poison mask and has protective glasses for the eyes.

The key to disinfecting the sterilizer with QuickPhos 56% is effective to keep the poison in the enclosed space for a long enough time so that the anti-drug-like eggs, pupae grow into a colostrum or adult, and die from the drug.

Advantages and disadvantages of QuickPhos 56%


  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to distribute drugs without blower fan
  • Sanitizing fumigants QuickPhos 56% easy to transport away when intact packaging
  • QuickPhos 56% did not negatively affect seeds.
  • QuickPhos 56% do not cause ozone demolished substances
  • QuickPhos 56% do not miss residues when used in the right way.


  • The sauna time QuickPhos 56% is relatively long (minimum 7 days, can last up to 12 days)
  • QuickPhos 56% will achieve low efficiency when performing sterilization under temperature conditions below 15 degrees Celsius.
  • If using QuickPhos 56% for a long time will cause insect resistance.

It is advisable to contact the units and services with a reputable practice certificate if you have no experience or professional skills to perform,

Hopefully through the article above will help you to understand more about the 2 best disinfecting fumigants. If you are still wondering about how to use or want to support fumigation by a reputable unit, please contact us immediately for advice.

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