The termite processing service for post-construction works brings a lot of benefits to humans. Exclusion for long-term sustainable works over time as well as ensuring aesthetics.

To get a better understanding of the termite processing service for post-construction work, we follow up with us. At the same time, this will also be the basis for you to choose the appropriate support unit.

The harm of termite to construction works

For the architectural works after construction, but the appearance of termite will be very hazardous. They can be caused by serious consequences. The target of penetration of termite is often wood and products derived from Cenllulose (wood, paper, carpet…), these materials appear much in the works should be often compromised. When the work of the attack is not only wooden materials or documents in it are ruined but even the architecture of that place is exacerbated by nesting and finding food of termites.

Starting from the nest, they will disrupt the works slowly, furniture decoration and wood products or from Cenllulose will be attacked. Detailed items when the vandalism look superficial as unharmed, but the inside has been corruption no longer worth using. It is imperative that we replace significant economic harm.

The harm of termite is not only for the wood material but also even with the machinery and equipment not avoiding the destruction of termites. In order to find food they will eat through small slots everywhere and cover the MUI to go, because the land of moisture should be at the new equipment often explosion-proof electronic machinery.

Benefits when building clues for post-construction works

The prevention for the construction works is very important and offers many benefits for people such as:

  • Protect the work from the destruction of
  • Ensure the aesthetic of the works
  • Do not lose any alternative expenses or fix the work later
  • Avoid causing the unfortunate situations such as fire explosion, electric short…

Process of termite treatment for post-construction works

 Step 1: Survey

Before doing termite prevention work must survey to assess the situation of: location, density, degree of damage, material, path of the termite… To identify the cause and construct the most effective and appropriate control scheme.

Based on the data gathered from the survey to the plan and quotation to the customer.

Step 2: Prepare

After building the control scheme, on the method has fully represented the volume, area, location and method of processing. According to the list of all equipment, chemicals are needed to serve the processing.

Step 3: Conduct the process

    • Proper handling of the method, correct medication and proper concentration allowed.
    • Spray impregnated chemicals: Permanent destruction and prevention. The mechanism of action to destroy directly or spread.
    • Microbiology: Using microorganisms to destroy both termites, the mechanism of action propagate to the herd.
    • Use a sterilized poison gas.
    • Changing environmental conditions: temperature, humidity.

 Step 4: Examine and evaluate the results

Anti-Termite method

For warehouses, factories or houses often contain wood-derived objects that lead to the risk of intrusion and destruction is very high. Therefore, fighting the work is very necessary.

For these places we should use the method of preventing chemical termites to chase and carry out direct spraying on the wall slots, the foundation slots of the works form the barrier preventing the penetration from the bottom up. 

Applying this clue-prevention method we have to check regularly because the treatment drug will not spread all the small corners in the construction works. At the same time, the drug will also lose its effect after a certain period of time, so we need to periodically handle and thoroughly examine it for additional measures if they arise.

Further references to methods of removal: Termite box, termite, folk methods

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