Barges (from the root of Chaland) are a boat with a bottom, which is the means for carrying heavy goods that are mainly moving in canals or rivers. Currently, there are two types of barges:

    • Conventional barge: This cannot be moved on their own, but they need to be pulled or pushed with another tug.
    • Free barge: This can be moved on your own without the need to depend on the tug.

Ship or vessel, this is a floating technical work and can be moved on the water, or underwater, in the direction specified, at a speed necessary, and used to transport goods or passengers depending on the characteristics of the ship’s use ( There are many types of trains: cargo ships, fishing boats, military ships…).

Steam process-barge-vessel sterilization

Step 1: Surveying and Surveying

    • Survey of the area on barge – sea vessel: The area of the vessel, ventilation system on board, the area where the living boats are near the sterilized sauna, the tightness of the barge – the vessel?
    • Commodity survey: The Goods, volume, volume, temperature and humidity of the goods as well as the air where the goods are on board.
    • Survey of the pest on barges-ships: determining the main pests (termites,…), subspecies and their stages of sexual development.
    • Measurement: Measure the size of the area should be sauna – disinfection of barge-ship or by the contractor providing the correct number of tons of goods to redeem the appropriate dosage of drugs.

Step 2: Preparation

    • Manpower: Preparing the number of technical personnel required.
    • Equipment supplies: Rulers, protective gloves, protective helmets, masks for protection, protective goggles, respirators, toxic gas detection pump, sea of gender, flashlight, ladder, Kraft paper, Lake Glue, medical instruments…
    • Operation: Seal the ventilation doors of the barge-vessel, sealing the openings. For barges-any vessel with a vessel on board, it is necessary to seal the storage area for the separation of cargo in stock, to carefully paste the crevices in the warehouse. For barges – an outdoor cargo vessel, it is necessary to use the canvas to cover the seal and paste the openings, on the deck, around the covered area which should be carefully sealed and sealed.
    • Pressure test: This pressure test is aimed at checking the tightness of the warehouse in a barge – vessel with a pressure gauge.

Step 3: Sauna operation-sterilization for barge-vessel

    • The captain will inform the manager of the barge-ship: Ask people not to get out of the disinfection area.
    • Bring disinfection equipment to barge-vessel (need to check on the quantity and type).
    • Check out a total barge-ship.
    • Set, paste the seas of the world.
    • Make sure to have the necessary tools and machinery available.
    • The captain proceeds to gather, inspect the entire worker, receive a report of the situation of preparation and last check-up, and then make the reservation.
    • Put the drug.
    • The disposition of the drug.

Attention: When placing the drug for barge-vessel must ensure wearing protective masks, protective footwear and full protective gloves. Do not let the pill overlap, do not set the drug to pile, maximum 200 grams/m2. Do not smoke or eat any snacks when ordering medicines.

Step 4: Ventilation and testing

For the sterilization of barge-ships, after sufficient time for the drug, it will proceed with the following steps:

    • Open sealing on barges-ship doors, breathable ventilation also depends on the type of vessel and structure.
    • Open all the Kraft paper has been pasted, remove the items to seal and return the original status to barge-ship.
    • The cleaning of the drug will not be to splash and spray antiseptic around the barge-vessel.
    • Barge-Vessel Collection: Discharge after sterilized for sampling.
    • Establishment of the record process (as per company’s form).

Points of note with barge-vessel sterilization

  • Sterilization of sea vessels is carried out according to the international standard AQIS of Australia, is recognized as the standard method of sterilization for the goods exported and imported in Australia, United States, Korea, EU….
  • Sterilized on barge, the vessel is applied to the goods of agricultural products such as rice, corn, cassava, wheat….
  • Common types:
    • Disinfection of goods are packed and placed in the ship tunnel.
    • Disinfection of goods in the ship’s basement.
    • Sterilize barge.
    • Sterilization of wood in the basement.
    • Disinfect at pending anchor positions for testing or testing.
    • Fumigation trains run now.

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