Which Ant is the most common today? What is the most effective way of destroying ants on the home? Read through this article. You will understand all the types of ants and how to eliminate ants that are most effective.

Which ants occupy the most number?

“Ants” are insects living in colonies, small in size but very influential and cause human disease if bitten by them. “Ants” have different types and each type occupies a different number. What kind of ants are these? Let’s find out in more detail the content below.

Bad ants

    • Is the type of ant that is black or brown. The length is 1/16 to 1/18 inches, with 12 antennae, consisting of six legs, not ending with a pinch.
    • Smelly – unpleasant smell like coconut when being attached to their body.
    • They are attractive in hot and dry environments, can find them in places of trees in their homes, toilet covers.
    • Their food is mostly sweetened foods like confectionery, sweet fruit,..

Flame ants

Flame ants

    • The fire ants are bronze brown ants on the head and the body, the abdomen is darker. Ants have 2 types: The princess is 5/8 inches long, the workers 1/8 – 1/4 inches.
    • The beard is divided into 2 parts, the most visible part is the front part of the prereproductive ant.
    • Fire ants usually live on the ground or high ground, or in logs.
    • Food of the workers ‘ ants are insects, earthworms, dead animals. In addition, ants also collect sweeteners, fats, proteins.
    • The flame is poisonous, if bitten by them will be painful to leave pimples. In addition, they are a pest of agriculture, crop, and penetration into a residential habitat.

Wind ants

    • The ants are black, consisting of 3 parts (head, horse and belly) and 6 legs. Is similar in size to foul.
    • They live in obscure corners such as kitchens, beds, trash, barn.
    • Their food is food, human food is often used.
    • These are dangerous ants, destroying food and biting people as well as animals that cause an unpleasant itching sensation.

Three-cavity ants

    • Is a black and yellow ant, with a elongated body such as a bead, 2-3cm in length, 1 -1, 2cm. Consisting of three feet, the abdomen has a red burn. These three chambers can fly and run very quickly.
    • Three chambers usually live in areas of grass, trees, paddy fields, landfill,.. Appear more in rainy season, high humidity. Especially, they are very fond of light.
  • Three-cavity ants
    • These are dangerous insects and toxins that are 15 times stronger than the venom of the Cobra. Therefore, when a three-cavity ant is treated, timely treatment should not be left with dangerous complications such as ulcers, epidemic, burning or fever,,..

Each species of ants has the characteristics and harmful to human health. Therefore, so that they do not harm the habitat, activities and health, it is best to find ways to destroy them thoroughly.

So what are the destructive ways to be effective when they come into the house? Share with you the ways below.

How to destroy ants into the house

What smells?

“Ants” appear wherever they are, often with a sweet smell,,.. Therefore, to destroy ants or to chase ants, you must know what smell they fear to destroy them.

What is the fear? Often they are afraid of odors such as acid smell, powder smell, medicinal odor, chemical, pungent odor, kerosene odor, gasoline,.. It is recommended that people make medicines, chemicals or using the materials available at home to repel Ant and destroy ants. 

What the Ants fear

These are the black ants in the effective home that will “pop” right below.

Most effective ways to kill ants

Ant Anticides

Anticides are the most chosen way today because it delivers fast efficiency and eliminates many types of ants. Namely medicines such as:

    • Super Arinosu Koroki Ant anticides
    • Fenddal Anticides 100SC
    • Optigard Anticides
    • Ant-Maxforce Quantum Killer
    • Three cavities and Vipesco insects

Ants in the folk method

If you do not like the unpleasant smell of ants, you can take advantage of the ways “destroy folk” from the materials available in the kitchen that often have a lot of sisters “to come Together” share tips against ants effectively : Lemon peel, lemon juice, wheat flour, cinnamon powder, mint, vinegar, coffee bean, baby chalk, pepper, orange, salt, baking powder or petroleum,..

Anti-Kien Services in HCMC

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